Fall 2012 ACS National Meeting Program Published

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Fall 2012 ACS National Meeting Program Published

The ACS Division of Biological Chemistry will organize a program of talks and posters for the ACS Fall National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA. The program will consist mainly of oral sessions composed of short 20 minute talks and poster sessions. Program Chair: Tom Wandless, Stanford University.

Symposia organized or cosponsored by DBC

  • Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Researcher Symposium, Sunday 19 Aug 2012
  • Breakthroughs in Biological Chemistry, Sunday 19 Aug 2012
  • Current Topics in Biological Chemistry I/II, Sunday 19 Aug 2012, Tuesday 21 Aug 2012
  • 50 Years of NIGMS-Supported Chemistry Enabling Biomedical Research, NIGMS anniversary symposium, Sunday 19 Aug 2012
  • Sci-Mix for Biological Chemistry Division, Sunday 19 Aug 2012
  • Pfizer Award in Enzyme Chemistry Symposium, presided over by Professor Jin Zhang, 2013 recipient of the Pfizer Award in Enzyme Chemistry. Tuesday 21 Aug 2012
  • Repligen Award in the Chemistry of Biological Processes Symposium, presided over by Professor Carol Fierke, 2013 recipient of the Repligen Award in Chemistry of Biological Processes. Tuesday 21 Aug 2012
  • Eli Lilly Award in Biological Chemistry Symposium, presided over by Professor Christopher Chang2013 recipient of the Eli Lilly Award in Biological Chemistry. Wednesday 22 Aug 2012
  • Goodman Award Symposium, organized by Gary Glick, editor of Biopolymers and presided over by Professor Jeff Kelly, 2013 recipient of the Goodman Award. Wednesday 22 Aug 2012

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