Requesting Nomination for 2015 ACS Chemical Biology Lectureship

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Requesting Nomination for 2015 ACS Chemical Biology Lectureship

We are writing to solicit your nominations for the 2015 ACS Chemical Biology Lecturer. 2015 is the 10th anniversary our journal and the lectureship symposium will include a special celebration of the progress and success of ACS Chemical Biology.
The ACS Chemical Biology Lectureship award is presented annually to honor an individual whose scientific contributions have had major impact in the field of Chemical Biology. Past winners include Alanna Schepartz (2010), Stuart Schreiber (2011), Carolyn Bertozzi (2012),  Wilfred van der Donk (2013), Peter Dervan (2014), and Kevan Shokat (2015).

To be selected for this award, a candidate must be nominated by his or her peers. We are currently seeking nominations for this year’s award. The nomination package should include a curriculum vitae of the candidate, a list of publications, a letter delineating the nominee’s special achievements in chemical biology, and a minimum of two additional letters of support. All materials should be sent as a single PDF file directly to the Secretary of the Division of Biological Chemistry, Nigel Richards, via email at by September 15, 2015. Upon receipt, the nomination will be reviewed by a selection committee chosen by ACS Chemical Biology Editor in Chief and the Leadership of the ACS Biological Division.

The lectureship award will be presented at the 251st ACS National Meeting held March 13-17, 2015 in San Diego, and will be administered by the ACS Division of Biological Chemistry and the Editor-in-Chief of ACS Chemical Biology. The prize also includes a monetary sum, a plaque, and travel expenses to the meeting. A symposium of invited speakers honoring the successful candidate will precede a short award presentation and the award lecture.

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