Professor Patrick Sexton

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Monash University

For outstanding contributions in scientific research at the interface of chemistry and biology, particularly in the realm of biochemistry, biological chemistry and molecular biology.

In accordance with the mandate to recognize ‘an established investigator for outstanding contributions in the field of biological chemistry’, Prof. Patrick Sexton has been chosen to receive the 2022 Gordon Hammes ACS Biochemistry Lectureship. The Gordon Hammes Lecture Award is sponsored jointly by Biochemistry and the ACS Division of Biological Chemistry.  “Sexton’s work has great impact on our understanding of ligand-GPCR interactions, how these interactions induce receptor activation, and how receptor dynamics contribute to the sophisticated and multi-layered chemistry that characterizes GPCRs. He is a terrific choice for the Hammes Lectureship Award,” said Biochemistry Editor-in-Chief Alanna Schepartz

Sexton will present a talk and receive his award during the Gordon Hammes ACS Biochemistry Symposium at the ACS Spring 2023 Meeting & Exposition March 26 – 30 in Indianapolis, IN.